About the Owner

To start I am Celeste Truman the girl behind the treats. I have 4 of my own 4 legged kids. I started this business when I was in high school. My mom owned a doggy daycare and I would constantly see owners struggle with finding food and treats that their dog could eat. This was always due to allergies or dietary restrictions that the dog had. I was at the point in school where you had to start deciding what you wanted to do with your life and career. I always loved baking and of course loved dogs, so I decided that I would combine the two. The goal was always to some day open my own dog bakery where dogs and their owners could come and be able to see exactly what goes into their dogs treats and see exactly how they were made. I hope that someday I will get to the point of being able to open that, but for now it is my kitchen at home with my 4 pups who make amazing taste testers. The accessory line was inspired by my little fluff ball Kors who looks so dapper in a bow tie. I thought I can't be the only owner who has a dog that loves to dress up as much as I love to dress him up. Kors knows when the bowtie comes out he is headed off on an adventure. If you have a pup who loves to dress up and loves some peanut butter you've found the right shop to put your trust in to feed and dress your pup. We appreciate it!